One More Addiction…

I have been seriously neglecting this blog. I’ve wanted to write plenty of posts but every time I go to do it…. I don’t! I keep thinking I have nothing interesting to post about. And it’s probably true. But this blog is supposed to be an expression of the things that make my heart sing.. and, no matter how big or small, there IS something that I do love about each and every day. So, from now on I will post even the smallest of things. Everything that makes me smile and that I am happy and grateful for… starting with Instagram!

I downloaded the app for my iPhone today. I have been hearing about it for a while but have always had hipstamatic so didn’t think I really needed another photography app.


I am absolutely in LOVE with Instagram. And in just a few hours have become hopelessly addicted. I love taking photos. I love this app! Here are a few samples of my first photos…

xx Natalie.








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