Sweet Somethings…

We had a periodic house inspection today (we rent!) and, having finally got the house spotless, I decided to escape home in the hours leading up to the Real Estate agent’s arrival in order to prevent my boys from trashing it again before it could be inspected!

It just so happened that on the day I wanted to stay away from home for a few hours I actually had nothing to do at the shops. Bummer. Usually it’s the opposite and I’m rushing home to get the boys to nap wishing I had a bit more time to browse or shop.

So, to pass the time and keep us all busy, I went into some stores just to see what they had. To my surprise I found some delightfully sweet little items for my home.

I love these! I had to buy them, there were no two ways about it (we’ll see if Hubsband agrees. ha ha! :))


I’m not sure where I’ll put them yet, we don’t exactly have much furniture for displaying pretty items (all of my trinkets from Mexico are in boxes in the garage somewhere. I’ve been desperate to get them on display!). I might use the little bottles to put fresh flowers around the house from the garden.

Don’t you love finding sweet little things for your home?

xx Natalie.


Much Love Monday: Ready to Run!

It’s Much Love Monday, with thanks to Anna at Much Love!

Today I’m loving:

  • Receiving my number & timing chip for my first ever 5km running event!
  • Having a sparkling clean house.
  • The sunshine!
  • Bras that fit!
  • Stumbling upon lovely, inspiring blogs.
  • The way my boys kiss each other good night before they sleep.
  • That my hubsband is waiting awake for me in bed because he knows that it’s easier for me to sleep with him awake, by my side.

I hope your Monday has been filled with love, as has mine.
xx Natalie.

Fridge Art

We have a small whiteboard and marker on our fridge for writing down various handy things or for just plain old doodling. Today, I wanted to write something down but there was hardly any space left and it suddenly occurred to me that I could just write ALL OVER MY FRIDGE with my whiteboard marker (dry-erase marker)!! This was very exciting for me.

‘Have people never thought of this before?’, I wondered.
Surely they must have. I mean, it’s so much fun and so practical. I couldn’t be the only one who has discovered fridge art (in fact, I’m probably the second last person – the last being my son – to have discovered it). I think I will give it a quick google to see….

Yep! Some people already discovered drawing on the fridge with a whiteboard marker. Less than I was expecting, however.

So here’s how fridge art looked in our house this afternoon:

Hard at work... with his baby assistant in the wings.

Concentrating on the detail...

Nice marker work!

Proud Artist.

Ditdee & I watching the masterpiece unfold.

A close-up of the detail.

Can’t wait to discover other places to use my whiteboard markers!
xx Natalie.

Self Portraits

It’s certainly no secret that I love taking self portraits. I’m yet to really understand why. For now, I just know that it’s fun and that I like to look back on them later and see how I’ve changed over time.

Here are a couple I took recently on my new iPad. And then I instagram-ed ’em!
xx Natalie.

Have you read Peppermint?

I came across this magazine a few weeks ago…
…and I’m in love!
It’s green and it’s good!

There is something so inspiring about it’s lovely images (which use as little – or no- airbrushing as possible), it’s stories, it’s themes… Even the advertising is inspiring! I am in love with the fact that it is printed on recycled paper and that it supports eco-friendly, handmade & up-cycled fashion and beauty products. Peppermint definitely makes my heart sing. So much so that I am continuously going in and out of the newsagent to check if the next issue has come out!

I highly recommend Peppermint. Perhaps it will give you as much joy and inspiration as it gives me.

xx Natalie.

To find out more about this awesome magazine, there’s a linky to the Peppermint blog/website on the sidebar to the right – you can check it out online!

Much Love Monday: Beautiful Hubsband!

We celebrated my beautiful hubsband’s birthday on the weekend!

I LOVE birthdays!
I LOVE that they give me the opportunity to remember why I love somebody.
I LOVE that on birthdays I get to do special things for the people that I love.

Hubsband requested this cake, and I made it for him with so much love!

And we ATE it with lots of love, too!
It’s a strawberry ice-cream sandwich.
We smothered it in chocolate ganache. MMmmm… Yum!

I also made him this card!
I LOVE making cards 🙂

I’m so happy to be participating in Anna’s Much Love Monday today!
I LOVE that the warm fuzzies are still lingering from the weekend and I get to share them with you!

xx Natalie.

To see more of Much Love Monday, here’s a button for clicking…

A lovely lunch with the girls!

On Thursday I went and spent some time with these lovely ladies.

Shelly, Rainbow-Puss & Little Rose

I soooo enjoyed myself. Rainbow-Puss (4 years old) is always so sweet. Little Rose (10 months) slept almost the whole time I was there, but woke up in time to play outside in the garden with us. Shelly prepared me some delicious soup and crunchy, toasted bread with butter, plus a hot cup of tea and a biscuit to follow.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the boys were so nicely behaved. It was a really relaxing time for me and fantastic that I got to spend some time chatting to Shelly rather than boys, 2 and under.

I’m so glad to have family that live not too far away. And glad that my boys have their cousins to play with.

Thanks for a great lunch, Shelly, Rainbow-Puss & Little Rose!

xx Natalie.

Much Love Monday: Shiny, shiny, clean floors!

It’s Much Love Monday!

Today I am joining in with Anna from Much Love for Much Love Monday!

Bring me the wine of love
and my soul will open its wings.
~ Rumi.

There are soooo many things to love today.

* Quiet time – the boys took a nice, long, uninterrupted nap this afternoon. I just love the quiet house. When the boys nap really well I have time to eat, sit down for a bit… and then…. CLEAN! 🙂

* Shiny, shiny, clean floors! All through the house. I am in love! Having a clean house means I am less cranky. Which is good for the whole family.

* My bathroom – it’s also clean!

* ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ – Gotye (feat. Kimbra).
I can’t get this song out of my head today. I love singing it. And every time I see the film clip I become mesmerised. Have you seen it? I love watching the paint move.

* Eggplant! – believe it or not, I cooked eggplant for the first time this evening. Oh boy, it was delicious! I char-grilled it along with some zucchini & asparagus, garlic & olive oil. To eat, I topped it with crumbled feta, sliced red chilli and basil leaves. Delicious!

* Sukin Organics – Australian Natural Skincare Shampoo & Conditioner. I am in love, I am in love, I am in… LOVE! My hair is also in love. This shampoo & conditioner is making my hair feel & look alive. Even greater, it doesn’t make me sneeze or make my skin itchy. Ah – in love!

* A hot cup of tea – Gosh I love a good cup of tea! Russian Caravan is my current favourite. I’ve been drinking tea like it’s going out of fashion lately. I’m not sure why – but it is wonderful.

And finally for today (I could go on but we could be here all night),

* My hubsband and my boys – there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t love these three. Hubsband is just so supportive. And the boys are so, so loving. I’d never known love like having my own family. I am so fortunate.

Can’t WAIT for next Much Love Monday!
xx Natalie.