Much Love Monday: Ready to Run!

It’s Much Love Monday, with thanks to Anna at Much Love!

Today I’m loving:

  • Receiving my number & timing chip for my first ever 5km running event!
  • Having a sparkling clean house.
  • The sunshine!
  • Bras that fit!
  • Stumbling upon lovely, inspiring blogs.
  • The way my boys kiss each other good night before they sleep.
  • That my hubsband is waiting awake for me in bed because he knows that it’s easier for me to sleep with him awake, by my side.

I hope your Monday has been filled with love, as has mine.
xx Natalie.


4 thoughts on “Much Love Monday: Ready to Run!

    • Yeah, that’s really nice of him, isn’t it?
      Last night he actually did fall asleep ’cause I took too long. When I got to bed I found him sleeping ACROSS the bed so I couldn’t get in. I woke him gently and said “Hey, can I get in?” and he said “Yeah. I am lying like this deliberately so that you had to wake me up to get into bed!”… ha ha! 🙂 I thought that was very nice.

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