Sing the Heart.

I really have no idea what to write in this about page. Probably because I really don’t know what this is all about. My blog started as a way for me to explore music and the path that I’ll take as a singer. Then, I became pregnant with my second child and I put my singing plans on hold. Now, I’m pregnant with a third child. I know more than ever that I need to ‘be a singer’ in the sense that I want to write, record and, at the very least, perform. I need to do it for myself and also for my children. How can I encourage them to be all that they want to be if I am not being all that I want to be myself?

So, with all these babies being made and born, in the mean time my blog is about all the things that make my heart sing – not just the singing. This year, though I’m expecting another baby, I want to still make the effort to practice singing and building a repertoire. I hope to make some recordings to post here along with photos and experiences of being a wife, mother… and just plain old me. I want to recognise and celebrate what makes me shine and what makes my life wonder filled.

Along with singing, these are the people that make my heart sing most. This is my family. And you’ll see a lot of them ’round here.

My Papacito20120326-120322.jpg

What can I say? He’s handsome, smart, helpful, loving, caring, hard working, communicative, funny… the list could go on. I know how lucky I am that I got to marry this one. Despite the fact that a thousand people told me to stay away from him. Sometimes other people don’t know what’s good for you. So glad I made this decision on my own. My life wouldn’t be the same without him. Luckiest.Lady.Ever.

The Poom Poom and Ditdee20120326-123343.jpg

These are my baby boys. There are 15 and a half months between them. They are the most adorable boys I’ve ever come across (of course, that’s probably because they are mine!). Some times they do drive me bonkers with their endless jumping & jumping on the beds and couches. The bonkers doesn’t last long, though. They seem to have a certain sparkle to their eyes and their smiles that drives all bonkers away.

It’s because they bring me so much joy and love that there is a third on the way…

And, me?


Well, I love pretty things. Flowers, paintings, ornaments, clothes… I love to go out for coffee (not that I really get the chance at the moment), I love water. I love feeling it, drinking it, watching it. It’s just so beautiful to me. I love my home. I take alot of photos and LOVE looking at them over and over. I reminisce a lot. I don’t swear much. I pronounce my ‘t’s (twenty as opposed to twenny). I sing all the time. And I have an imitation problem that sometimes gets me into trouble (laugh out loud and you just might hear that laugh echoed right back at you…. from across the room, of course. Never to your face!). I love tea and tea pots and tea cups. I would fill my home with them if I could. Did I mention that I love flowers? I would also fill my home with them if I could!



What makes your heart sing?
Share with me?


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