Why is everybody getting sick?

Emilia is 4 weeks old this week and I am sick.

I was pregnant for the first 9 months of this year and of my 3 pregnancies, this one was the most difficult to endure.

It wasn’t because of anything pregnancy related as such (apart from the morning sickness – that was a bitch!). It wasn’t because of heart burn or an aching back or a sore pelvis. It was because I just. kept. getting. sick.

It wasn’t fun.

In fact, I actually gave birth while sick with the leftovers of a major-ass cold!

From the week my morning sickness left the building (around 20 weeks), I was sick every 2nd week right up until
I gave birth. Actually, right up until 2 – 3 weeks AFTER I gave birth. If it wasn’t a case of vomiting and diarrhoea, it was a cold or the flu. And each illness took 2 weeks to get over, at the least!

It wasn’t just me who was getting sick. It was my boys, my husband and pretty much everyone else in my extended family too. I would hear of others getting sick also and each time I went to the Dr. for a prenatal check up she would tell me “oh, yes. A lot of people are sick at the moment”!

It was so stressful. Every time I got sick I would say “I can’t get sick again! I won’t cope! I can’t get sick again!”
And sure enough, the following week I WOULD be sick all over again.

Emilia is 4 weeks old this week and I am sick.


I can’t help but wonder what is going on in Queensland!

Why is everyone getting sick?????


And when will it end?

I’m oh so tired.



I’m back…

… and I have a baby girl!


I’m so happy. Little toes, a little nose, the sweetest Cupid lips and soft, brown hair. She’s absolutely beautiful and I love her to pieces.


Emilia Violet was born at the end of August and it already feels like she’s been a part of this family forever.


Waiting to know: the gender of our Jelly Bean!


I started to write this post yesterday, just a few hours before heading to our morphology scan. I came back today to discover it hadn’t saved properly and so here I am starting again, only this time I’m on the other side of the scan!

Yesterday’s post explained how I was excited and eager to find out the gender of our Jelly Baby, how I couldn’t wait the 40 weeks to know and how I just wanted to know now because I’m impatient and want to go out and choose names and buy itty bitty baby clothes (gender appropriate)! For me, there’s just something about knowing the gender already that helps me connect with the child during the pregnancy. It’s easier for me to begin to form a strong bond with the baby knowing whether that baby is a boy or a girl.

Of course, I know that a scan is not 100% accurate (I know of many would-be “girls” who have been born boys), and I keep that in mind through out the rest of the pregnancy…… but I’m not going to let it hold me back from buying a stack of girly, girly, girly things!!!

Oh, yeah, did I mention that yet?

She’s a GIRL!!

Woo hoo!

We are so excited to be giving a little sister to our already adorable 2 boys! We are thrilled!

I think I’m still in a bit of shock, though. After having two boys and always having to walk straight past those cutesy, cutesy baby girl clothes (which always seemed like a dream to me), I can now waltz in to a store and pick out the sweetest, girliest outfit imaginable. Oh, the JOY! 🙂 I’m dreaming of flowery, frilly skirts, pink ballet shoes and sparkly, feathery accessories and embellishments. Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming… Oh, the JOY!

I can’t believe I’m going to have a little baby girl to hold in my arms. I’m over the moon… and I wonder how it will change the dynamic of our family.

Time will tell. 21 weeks to go! Yay!
I can’t wait!

xx Natalie.