Gosh, I Wish I Had Something To Say

I have been really wanting to write on my blog again lately. Probably due to the monotony of being at home with three babies all day every day, and having nobody else to talk to or interact with.

The problem is, I have nothing to say! Nothing interesting, at least.

Ho hum.



I Feel A Fusion Coming On

Man, am I tired.
Too many late nights and early mornings.

It’s one of those days where I need to get out of the house. And walk. Just feel the afternoon sun, the cool breeze, enjoy the fresh air and then…?

A fusion.
From Zarraffas.
Because an ice-blended coffee, maybe with a bit of white chocolate fudge, will take away the tiredness.

No, scrap that. It won’t take away the tiredness but it will help me enjoy the rest of the afternoon despite the tiredness.

I always try to do what I can to transcend the unwelcome moods that come with me and my tiredness. I don’t want to be a cranky, impatient mother. So I’m doing something about it.

Let’s get out! Let’s walk!
Good idea, don’t you think? 🙂



What to write when you have nothing to say?


I am plagued with this disease where I want to write on my blog but every time I go to do it I think I have nothing to say. It’s not enough to say what I did today, or what I’d like to do tomorrow. It’s not enough to say that I’m really content tonight. Or is it? Should I write about the cafe style raisin toast I just ate with a smashed banana on top? Probably not. That would be boring. But that’s my problem. To me, everything sounds boring. Who wants to hear about the awesome train track I built today? Probably nobody.

But if I have this attitude when I come to write something, isn’t that going to be felt through my words?
Most likely.

So what is it in me that tells me nobody will be interested in what I have to say? Or what I’ve been doing? Or where I’m going?

It’s me. It’s all me. And my built-in and annoying issues with how much I’m achieving…. or not.

The truth is, I’m achieving a lot. I have two children (two years and under) who I’m teaching and taking care of every day. I’ve just potty trained one and the littlest is learning to use his spoon! I’m also growing a third, which zaps most of my energy and, at almost 17 weeks, is still making me throw up every morning. I change nappies, entertain, clean, cook, feed, dance, play, teach children to sleep… each and every day. It is exhausting. And yet, to me, I’m still not achieving enough.

I guess it’s not enough to be a full-on, flat-out, busy mother. And I mean just a mother. Not a mother with a part time job or a mother who runs her own business or even a mother with a popular blog. In my head, those, are the ones who are achieving stuff because, lets face it, those are the ones we hear about on t.v., on the dvds they send us home with from the hospital after we’ve given birth; those are the ones people talk about.

Today I constructed a train track for my boys. I really enjoyed it. And so did they.
For me, today, that was a great achievement!
And so was the cooking and the cleaning, the getting everyone to sleep (or not) on time, the ability to go with the flow as my 2 and a half year old resisted his daily nap (that’s a story for another day) and the hypnobirthing session I managed to squeeze in.

Oh, and look! Here’s another one! I’m finally posting on my blog. Hurrah!

To all those mothers out there who are just mothers like me, I hope you have a wonderful week recognising all that you achieve every. single. day.

xx Natalie


In Love With A Day Bed


We recently pulled our spare single bed out of the office and into the tv room. Hello, day bed! It’s right by a window, where the afternoon sun streams through making it a seriously relaxing, comfortable part of the house.

I’ve already spent so much time there – writing in my journal, watching tv, cuddling and playing with the boys, reading, contemplating…

I love this day bed!

xx Natalie.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning…

I was surprised and amazed today at 11am. I happened to be at the local shopping centre for Remembrance hour. It was busy. The hustle and bustle of people all going about their business, drinking their coffee, buying new dresses…

The horns sounded over the loud speaker. And that’s when everybody stopped.

I was in awe. I never expected everyone around me in the shopping centre to stop. It was touching. So many people observing silence in remembrance of all those people who lost their lives in war.


It warms my heart to see people with so much respect for others.

THE most amazing home baked mud cake.


If you are in need of a recipe for a chocolate mud cake…. Actually, even if you are not, please please pleeeeeeeaaaaase go to Best Recipes (.com.au) and use this recipe! While you’re there, take a look at the reviews for the recipe. It seems I’m not the only one who loves this cake.


Hubsband just made the cake for me in honour of my birthday and I swear it is the best home cooked mud cake I have ever eaten. An amazing texture and awesome chocolatey goodness! What a birthday gift!


Can you tell I’m in shock at how good this cake is?
I am!


If you like mud cake, you will LOVE this one!

xx Natalie.

T2 Tea for me.


I am a HUGE lover of tea and tea pots. HUGE.
So my brother and sister-in-law hit the nail on the head when they recently gave me a lovely new tea pot and some T2 tea as a birthday gift! This is my first time trying T2 tea, and I knew it would be love at first sip just from sniffing the box as I took it out of the wrapping paper. The kind I’m trying tonight is Monk Pear. It’s deliciously fragrant! It’s a lovely Chinese black tea that has hits of Bergamot, sweet pear and jasmine blossoms. Deeeelish! I feel so content sipping this tea, feeling the warmth of the cup in my hands. I’m so relaxed.


‘Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future’. – Tich Nat Hahn.

This is how I’m drinking my tea tonight. It’s giving me a stillness similar to after meditation. I guess there’s a certain ritual in drinking hot tea. The breath is slow and even between sips. And time slows as I sit, relax, knowing my children are safely tucked away in their beds.


‘A Proper Tea is much nicer than a Very Nearly Tea, which is one you forget about afterwards’. – A. A. Milne.

T2 Monk Pear is definitely a Proper Tea. One that I will be remembering every night and look forward to embracing before my bed calls me to sleep.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had tea this good!

xx Natalie.

Sweet Somethings…

We had a periodic house inspection today (we rent!) and, having finally got the house spotless, I decided to escape home in the hours leading up to the Real Estate agent’s arrival in order to prevent my boys from trashing it again before it could be inspected!

It just so happened that on the day I wanted to stay away from home for a few hours I actually had nothing to do at the shops. Bummer. Usually it’s the opposite and I’m rushing home to get the boys to nap wishing I had a bit more time to browse or shop.

So, to pass the time and keep us all busy, I went into some stores just to see what they had. To my surprise I found some delightfully sweet little items for my home.

I love these! I had to buy them, there were no two ways about it (we’ll see if Hubsband agrees. ha ha! :))


I’m not sure where I’ll put them yet, we don’t exactly have much furniture for displaying pretty items (all of my trinkets from Mexico are in boxes in the garage somewhere. I’ve been desperate to get them on display!). I might use the little bottles to put fresh flowers around the house from the garden.

Don’t you love finding sweet little things for your home?

xx Natalie.

Have you read Peppermint?

I came across this magazine a few weeks ago…
…and I’m in love!
It’s green and it’s good!

There is something so inspiring about it’s lovely images (which use as little – or no- airbrushing as possible), it’s stories, it’s themes… Even the advertising is inspiring! I am in love with the fact that it is printed on recycled paper and that it supports eco-friendly, handmade & up-cycled fashion and beauty products. Peppermint definitely makes my heart sing. So much so that I am continuously going in and out of the newsagent to check if the next issue has come out!

I highly recommend Peppermint. Perhaps it will give you as much joy and inspiration as it gives me.

xx Natalie.

To find out more about this awesome magazine, there’s a linky to the Peppermint blog/website on the sidebar to the right – you can check it out online!

Much Love Monday: Beautiful Hubsband!

We celebrated my beautiful hubsband’s birthday on the weekend!

I LOVE birthdays!
I LOVE that they give me the opportunity to remember why I love somebody.
I LOVE that on birthdays I get to do special things for the people that I love.

Hubsband requested this cake, and I made it for him with so much love!

And we ATE it with lots of love, too!
It’s a strawberry ice-cream sandwich.
We smothered it in chocolate ganache. MMmmm… Yum!

I also made him this card!
I LOVE making cards 🙂

I’m so happy to be participating in Anna’s Much Love Monday today!
I LOVE that the warm fuzzies are still lingering from the weekend and I get to share them with you!

xx Natalie.

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