In the afternoon light.

Some days we have to wait a little longer than usual for Hubsband to come home from work. It makes for a long day for me and the boys. One of the most enjoyable ways for us to wait for Hubsband is to get out in the backyard before the sun sets.

Ditdee and Poom Poom

With drink bottles in hand

Gorgeous Ditdee

Adorable Poom - just as cute with a runny nose!

Vacuuming the lawn

We’re blessed to have a space like this to play in. There’s room to run, jump, kick & crawl, and there’s grass to vacuum (!) and feel beneath our bare feet.

It takes concentration

Through the grass


He's adorable

Isn’t the sunlight beautiful at this time of day? Spending time outside I feel rejuvenated and refreshed, relaxed and content.

A boy of many expressions

Light in trees

Time to head inside. Daddy’s almost home!

Making his way inside

Lonesome toys watch the sun set

xx Natalie.