Photo Time!


Missing Mexico…

It’s coming up to the anniversary of our last trip to Mexico! Perhaps that’s why I’ve been craving all my favourite Mexican dishes… like crazy! Pozole, tostadas, tacos, frijoles… oh, my! It’s lucky for me that I love Mexican food considering I’m married to a Mexican. The problem is, it’s hard to come across ‘proper’ Mexican food here in Australia. And I’m craving my favourites so much right now (thanks, pregnancy) that I even suggested to my husband that I fly to Mexico solo, just to eat the food! Ha!

As I often do, I’ve been reminiscing while looking at my photos and home movies from our trip. It was my second time in Mexico and the first time we all traveled there as a family. My boys met their Mexican grandparents for the first time, and it was our first time in Mexico since our marriage.

It was such a special trip. We really needed a holiday and despite the sleepless nights (thanks to the boys and jet lag and whatever else was keeping them up all night), it was just that. A holiday. Time away from the cleaning and the cooking, time to relax with family and time to explore as our own family.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our holiday. I can’t wait to be in Mexico again. I only wish it could be sooner.
















Do you love holidays as much as I do?

xx Natalie

Meeting our little one for the first time!

Yesterday started like every other day – with me rushing to the bath room to hang my head over the basin!

Usually before an ultrasound I am slightly nervous about whether or not everything will be ok. This was not the case yesterday. I still had two boys, 2 and under, to look after and all I could think about was how I was going to get that litre of water down without puking it up again.

It was nice for a change, to not have the fear that something may be ‘wrong’ with me or the baby.

And there was nothing wrong.

Just a healthy little jelly baby, with a heart beating strong.


I felt so supported with the whole family there with me. How lovely to have us all together meeting the new member of our family at the same time!

We enjoyed some time afterwards at a duck pond we found not too far from the ultrasound clinic.







Duck ponds are always nicer when you’ve just seen the proof that, indeed, you are having a baby :).

xx Natalie.

The Beauty Of Teaching My Children To Sleep.

This week I am teaching my 14 month old son to put himself to sleep. It requires that I sit in his room, night after night, first by his cot and then closer and closer to the door until, nine nights later, I’m all the way out.

We used this technique with my older son and it changed our life. So I’m happy to be teaching my youngest baby boy the same. It means, amazingly, we will all eventually be going off to bed happily and sleeping through the night. It’s some sort of miracle technique.

And it’s given me an extra bonus this week! With thanks to my iPhone 4S and the WordPress application I can make good use of the time spent sitting by my son’s cot, blogging! Awesome!

And when I’m not blogging I see a real beauty in watching my baby fall asleep, so peaceful and content. I love seeing that my children are getting the rest they need to grow into spectacular human beings.

Here are my photos for Day 4 of the January Photo A Day challenge. I couldn’t pick just one (because I wasn’t entirely happy with either of them) so here are two!

Day 4 : Letterbox



xx Natalie.

One Adoring Mother

It’s Day 3 of the January Photo A Day Challenge with thanks to Fat Mum Slim!

When I thought about what I wanted to photograph for today’s theme, Something You Adore, I kept coming back to my children. At first I was reluctant to choose them as my subject for fear of being too obvious or cliche… Yet again and again I kept coming back to them. There is nothing in the world I adore more than my two boys (soon to be three. Boy or girl? I don’t know yet but it will be exciting when we find out!).

Yesterday I had a challenging day pregnancy wise. The morning sickness (which actually lasts all day) really kicked in. It was hard to eat, I was exhausted, nauseous – the whole lot. It continued today, not as intense as yesterday, but still enough to get me to question “Why am I doing this again?

Today’s Photo A Day theme helped remind me of the answer. I’m doing this again because I adore my children. There is no greater thing I have found in this world than giving and receiving love. And I have found a constant experience of that in my children.

So that’s why I’m doing this again. Adding to my brood of tiny beings of love.

xx Natalie.

Day 3 : Something I Adore


Much Love Monday: Hafiz


This past week I’ve come to realize the importance of giving and receiving love. Specifically between myself and my children. I am coming to understand just how blessed I am to know the love of a mother for her children. These days it seems everything else is just… nonsense.

xx Natalie.

Today I’m joining in with Anna’s Much Love Monday. If you’d like to see what others are loving today, check out the list at Much Love

Much Love Monday: Loving




Husbands that come home from work on time.

And then take me out for coffee.

Boys who nap for 3 long hours in the afternoon.

And boys who don’t nap but play happily in the living room.

Flowers and birds enjoying the sunshine out my window.

Cooling water to quench my thirst.

A family to be at home with.



Today I’m linking up with Anna for Much Love Monday!

xx Natalie.

In the afternoon light.

Some days we have to wait a little longer than usual for Hubsband to come home from work. It makes for a long day for me and the boys. One of the most enjoyable ways for us to wait for Hubsband is to get out in the backyard before the sun sets.

Ditdee and Poom Poom

With drink bottles in hand

Gorgeous Ditdee

Adorable Poom - just as cute with a runny nose!

Vacuuming the lawn

We’re blessed to have a space like this to play in. There’s room to run, jump, kick & crawl, and there’s grass to vacuum (!) and feel beneath our bare feet.

It takes concentration

Through the grass


He's adorable

Isn’t the sunlight beautiful at this time of day? Spending time outside I feel rejuvenated and refreshed, relaxed and content.

A boy of many expressions

Light in trees

Time to head inside. Daddy’s almost home!

Making his way inside

Lonesome toys watch the sun set

xx Natalie.

Much Love Monday: Ready to Run!

It’s Much Love Monday, with thanks to Anna at Much Love!

Today I’m loving:

  • Receiving my number & timing chip for my first ever 5km running event!
  • Having a sparkling clean house.
  • The sunshine!
  • Bras that fit!
  • Stumbling upon lovely, inspiring blogs.
  • The way my boys kiss each other good night before they sleep.
  • That my hubsband is waiting awake for me in bed because he knows that it’s easier for me to sleep with him awake, by my side.

I hope your Monday has been filled with love, as has mine.
xx Natalie.

Fridge Art

We have a small whiteboard and marker on our fridge for writing down various handy things or for just plain old doodling. Today, I wanted to write something down but there was hardly any space left and it suddenly occurred to me that I could just write ALL OVER MY FRIDGE with my whiteboard marker (dry-erase marker)!! This was very exciting for me.

‘Have people never thought of this before?’, I wondered.
Surely they must have. I mean, it’s so much fun and so practical. I couldn’t be the only one who has discovered fridge art (in fact, I’m probably the second last person – the last being my son – to have discovered it). I think I will give it a quick google to see….

Yep! Some people already discovered drawing on the fridge with a whiteboard marker. Less than I was expecting, however.

So here’s how fridge art looked in our house this afternoon:

Hard at work... with his baby assistant in the wings.

Concentrating on the detail...

Nice marker work!

Proud Artist.

Ditdee & I watching the masterpiece unfold.

A close-up of the detail.

Can’t wait to discover other places to use my whiteboard markers!
xx Natalie.