Waiting to know: the gender of our Jelly Bean!


I started to write this post yesterday, just a few hours before heading to our morphology scan. I came back today to discover it hadn’t saved properly and so here I am starting again, only this time I’m on the other side of the scan!

Yesterday’s post explained how I was excited and eager to find out the gender of our Jelly Baby, how I couldn’t wait the 40 weeks to know and how I just wanted to know now because I’m impatient and want to go out and choose names and buy itty bitty baby clothes (gender appropriate)! For me, there’s just something about knowing the gender already that helps me connect with the child during the pregnancy. It’s easier for me to begin to form a strong bond with the baby knowing whether that baby is a boy or a girl.

Of course, I know that a scan is not 100% accurate (I know of many would-be “girls” who have been born boys), and I keep that in mind through out the rest of the pregnancy…… but I’m not going to let it hold me back from buying a stack of girly, girly, girly things!!!

Oh, yeah, did I mention that yet?

She’s a GIRL!!

Woo hoo!

We are so excited to be giving a little sister to our already adorable 2 boys! We are thrilled!

I think I’m still in a bit of shock, though. After having two boys and always having to walk straight past those cutesy, cutesy baby girl clothes (which always seemed like a dream to me), I can now waltz in to a store and pick out the sweetest, girliest outfit imaginable. Oh, the JOY! 🙂 I’m dreaming of flowery, frilly skirts, pink ballet shoes and sparkly, feathery accessories and embellishments. Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming… Oh, the JOY!

I can’t believe I’m going to have a little baby girl to hold in my arms. I’m over the moon… and I wonder how it will change the dynamic of our family.

Time will tell. 21 weeks to go! Yay!
I can’t wait!

xx Natalie.


It’s Written in the Stars


I can’t choose the gender of my baby.

I can almost choose the part of the year in which I would like the baby to be born and what star sign I’d like him or her to be. But I can’t choose if that baby is a boy or a girl. It’s out of my hands.

Isn’t that wonderful?

I think YES!
What is meant to be for me & for my family…. is meant to be.

I have two boys already. They are brilliant. I love that my first two children are the same gender. They are great together and it’s so fun to see how different their personalities are.

This time around I’d love to have a girl.
Having said that, I’d also love to have a boy.

I imagine I’d feel so protected with 4 boys (and eventually young men) in the house. Not to mention I’d remain the Queen of the Castle.

And then, a little darling girl would be so wonderful also.

I can’t choose the gender of my baby.
And that’s fine by me.

It’s written in the stars.

xx Natalie.


Missing Mexico…

It’s coming up to the anniversary of our last trip to Mexico! Perhaps that’s why I’ve been craving all my favourite Mexican dishes… like crazy! Pozole, tostadas, tacos, frijoles… oh, my! It’s lucky for me that I love Mexican food considering I’m married to a Mexican. The problem is, it’s hard to come across ‘proper’ Mexican food here in Australia. And I’m craving my favourites so much right now (thanks, pregnancy) that I even suggested to my husband that I fly to Mexico solo, just to eat the food! Ha!

As I often do, I’ve been reminiscing while looking at my photos and home movies from our trip. It was my second time in Mexico and the first time we all traveled there as a family. My boys met their Mexican grandparents for the first time, and it was our first time in Mexico since our marriage.

It was such a special trip. We really needed a holiday and despite the sleepless nights (thanks to the boys and jet lag and whatever else was keeping them up all night), it was just that. A holiday. Time away from the cleaning and the cooking, time to relax with family and time to explore as our own family.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our holiday. I can’t wait to be in Mexico again. I only wish it could be sooner.
















Do you love holidays as much as I do?

xx Natalie

Meeting our little one for the first time!

Yesterday started like every other day – with me rushing to the bath room to hang my head over the basin!

Usually before an ultrasound I am slightly nervous about whether or not everything will be ok. This was not the case yesterday. I still had two boys, 2 and under, to look after and all I could think about was how I was going to get that litre of water down without puking it up again.

It was nice for a change, to not have the fear that something may be ‘wrong’ with me or the baby.

And there was nothing wrong.

Just a healthy little jelly baby, with a heart beating strong.


I felt so supported with the whole family there with me. How lovely to have us all together meeting the new member of our family at the same time!

We enjoyed some time afterwards at a duck pond we found not too far from the ultrasound clinic.







Duck ponds are always nicer when you’ve just seen the proof that, indeed, you are having a baby :).

xx Natalie.

A lovely lunch with the girls!

On Thursday I went and spent some time with these lovely ladies.

Shelly, Rainbow-Puss & Little Rose

I soooo enjoyed myself. Rainbow-Puss (4 years old) is always so sweet. Little Rose (10 months) slept almost the whole time I was there, but woke up in time to play outside in the garden with us. Shelly prepared me some delicious soup and crunchy, toasted bread with butter, plus a hot cup of tea and a biscuit to follow.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the boys were so nicely behaved. It was a really relaxing time for me and fantastic that I got to spend some time chatting to Shelly rather than boys, 2 and under.

I’m so glad to have family that live not too far away. And glad that my boys have their cousins to play with.

Thanks for a great lunch, Shelly, Rainbow-Puss & Little Rose!

xx Natalie.

While the kids are away, Mama will play…

After 6 months of looking at my hair, wishing I could make it look good, hoping to get to the hairdresser, today I went, on my own, to get a hair cut. ON MY OWN! My heart hurt a little when I walked out of the house without my children. This is a sure sign of a mother who is not used to leaving the house in this fashion.

I found a place to cut my hair but had just under an hour to wait – not quite long enough to go home and come back so I decided to have a coffee and a biscuit. Hubsband sent a text to ask how I was enjoying my time. “It’s a bit strange!”, I told him. And then proceeded to explain that it was also nice to be able to sit down and drink a coffee without having to entertain and keep happy an active two year old.

It was time for my hair cut and I was still unsure what style to get… and how much to have cut off. Somehow I wanted my hair shorter and I wanted a funky change but I was so indecisive. Usually I know exactly what I want – today I didn’t! The hair dresser and I consulted a few magazines and I explained to her that I would like it shorter but I was concerned about making my face look too round and chubby (this has happened with me and short hair in the past). We decided to take it up to my shoulders to be on the safe side. We could always go shorter if we wanted…. and we DID go shorter!

“The longer I sit here the more I want to cut it all off!”, I told the hairdresser.

“Really?!”, she said. Somewhat surprised.


So we got the magazines out again and flipped through the pages. More indecision…. more indecision…. until….. Aha! We found it!

I was still concerned that my face might look too round, but somehow I trusted this hair dresser and I trusted that my instinct to cut it all off was perfect.

I’m not exactly sure why this was all so exciting. It felt a bit daring (hubsband has never seen me with hair this short). I suppose it was a case of ‘While the kids are away, Mama will play’. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, watching the hair get shorter and shorter, I began to like what I saw. It actually looked really good!

I was so happy walking home. I felt refreshed – not so much because my hair style was different but because I had been daring and got a lovely rush of a feeling just by following my gut to chop the lot!

To make the moment even sweeter, my boys were SO happy to see me when I got home (3 hours later) with the brightest, happiest smiles on their faces ! And I realized the best part of taking time for my self is the reunion of hearts when we all are home together again.

Oh, I love my boys. I love my family.