Have you read Peppermint?

I came across this magazine a few weeks ago…
…and I’m in love!
It’s green and it’s good!

There is something so inspiring about it’s lovely images (which use as little – or no- airbrushing as possible), it’s stories, it’s themes… Even the advertising is inspiring! I am in love with the fact that it is printed on recycled paper and that it supports eco-friendly, handmade & up-cycled fashion and beauty products. Peppermint definitely makes my heart sing. So much so that I am continuously going in and out of the newsagent to check if the next issue has come out!

I highly recommend Peppermint. Perhaps it will give you as much joy and inspiration as it gives me.

xx Natalie.

To find out more about this awesome magazine, there’s a linky to the Peppermint blog/website on the sidebar to the right – you can check it out online!