Sweet Somethings…

We had a periodic house inspection today (we rent!) and, having finally got the house spotless, I decided to escape home in the hours leading up to the Real Estate agent’s arrival in order to prevent my boys from trashing it again before it could be inspected!

It just so happened that on the day I wanted to stay away from home for a few hours I actually had nothing to do at the shops. Bummer. Usually it’s the opposite and I’m rushing home to get the boys to nap wishing I had a bit more time to browse or shop.

So, to pass the time and keep us all busy, I went into some stores just to see what they had. To my surprise I found some delightfully sweet little items for my home.

I love these! I had to buy them, there were no two ways about it (we’ll see if Hubsband agrees. ha ha! :))


I’m not sure where I’ll put them yet, we don’t exactly have much furniture for displaying pretty items (all of my trinkets from Mexico are in boxes in the garage somewhere. I’ve been desperate to get them on display!). I might use the little bottles to put fresh flowers around the house from the garden.

Don’t you love finding sweet little things for your home?

xx Natalie.