Three Days Later

I’ve spent the past 3 days mostly in bed.

Or in the bathroom.

But mostly in bed.

Yep, I’m sick.

Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who takes on both of our roles when I’m ill. He does all the cooking and cleaning, entertaining and taking care of the children. And brings me what I need too.

I love that he’s so helpful and supportive. What would I do if he wasn’t here? Who would take care of my babies when I’m sick? Boy, am I lucky to have him. I’m so grateful for all of the time and care he puts into all of us when I’m unable to get out of bed.

But with the gratitude comes the guilt and the worry.
I know that it takes a lot of work and energy to do all of those things and not get a break for yourself. I know he must be tired after being at work all week. And I feel guilty and sad that I can’t do my share of the work. I worry about his health and well-being. How can I take care of him as well?

Ah! What to do?

He says the most important thing is for me to rest and get well so that things can go back to normal as quickly as possible. And he’s right. If I push myself without taking the time to be well, I will stay sick for longer and his having to do so much will drag on and on.

So here I am, three days later. I’m still in my bed, feeling somewhat better and hoping that this illness will pass quickly so that we can all get back to ‘normal’. And then maybe I can plan to give him some time to rest and recuperate himself.

Thank you, my Papacito!
You take such good care of us.

xx N.


Missing Mexico…

It’s coming up to the anniversary of our last trip to Mexico! Perhaps that’s why I’ve been craving all my favourite Mexican dishes… like crazy! Pozole, tostadas, tacos, frijoles… oh, my! It’s lucky for me that I love Mexican food considering I’m married to a Mexican. The problem is, it’s hard to come across ‘proper’ Mexican food here in Australia. And I’m craving my favourites so much right now (thanks, pregnancy) that I even suggested to my husband that I fly to Mexico solo, just to eat the food! Ha!

As I often do, I’ve been reminiscing while looking at my photos and home movies from our trip. It was my second time in Mexico and the first time we all traveled there as a family. My boys met their Mexican grandparents for the first time, and it was our first time in Mexico since our marriage.

It was such a special trip. We really needed a holiday and despite the sleepless nights (thanks to the boys and jet lag and whatever else was keeping them up all night), it was just that. A holiday. Time away from the cleaning and the cooking, time to relax with family and time to explore as our own family.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our holiday. I can’t wait to be in Mexico again. I only wish it could be sooner.
















Do you love holidays as much as I do?

xx Natalie

Shoes and Husband.

Just a quick one with my two latest photos for the January Photo A Day challenge.

The first, my summer sandals.

Day 5 : Something I Wore


And second, my lovely husband.

Day 6 : Makes Me Smile


Though I’ve been feeling seriously sick for the past couple of days (you can read more about it here), moments like watching my husband and son walk off into the sunlight together make me feel so good, even just for a few minutes.

Here they are:


x Natalie.

Much Love Monday: Loving




Husbands that come home from work on time.

And then take me out for coffee.

Boys who nap for 3 long hours in the afternoon.

And boys who don’t nap but play happily in the living room.

Flowers and birds enjoying the sunshine out my window.

Cooling water to quench my thirst.

A family to be at home with.



Today I’m linking up with Anna for Much Love Monday!

xx Natalie.

Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday morning.
I’m sleepy because I didn’t take the opportunity to go to bed early last night despite feeling exhausted. Instead, I sat on the couch with my husband, watching movies and folding clean laundry ’til almost 2am. Sometimes it’s important. And other times I should know better.

Still, today is today. Sunday will still be Sunday, whether I’m tired or not.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received came from my husband. On a day not so different to this one, earlier this year, I was feeling overwhelmed at the sheer exhaustion with which I was about to face my day. I kept saying “What am I going to do? I’m so tired. I’m so tired today”.

“It’s ok to feel tired”, he said.

As soon as he said those words I felt my body relax. Of course he didn’t mean it’s ok to be tired forever. Or that feeling tired is a good thing. What he meant was that I didn’t need to feel stressed about being tired and that my day needn’t be burdened by my tiredness.

Now, when ever I am feeling over tired and the stress of that thought is beginning to consume my peace, I remember those words.

It’s ok to feel tired.

Immediately my day takes a turn for the better. I can get on with it. It’s ok.

That’s how I’ll get through my Sunday. And, lucky for me, my husband is home today. So I’ll be at even greater ease.


THE most amazing home baked mud cake.


If you are in need of a recipe for a chocolate mud cake…. Actually, even if you are not, please please pleeeeeeeaaaaase go to Best Recipes ( and use this recipe! While you’re there, take a look at the reviews for the recipe. It seems I’m not the only one who loves this cake.


Hubsband just made the cake for me in honour of my birthday and I swear it is the best home cooked mud cake I have ever eaten. An amazing texture and awesome chocolatey goodness! What a birthday gift!


Can you tell I’m in shock at how good this cake is?
I am!


If you like mud cake, you will LOVE this one!

xx Natalie.

Much Love Monday: Ready to Run!

It’s Much Love Monday, with thanks to Anna at Much Love!

Today I’m loving:

  • Receiving my number & timing chip for my first ever 5km running event!
  • Having a sparkling clean house.
  • The sunshine!
  • Bras that fit!
  • Stumbling upon lovely, inspiring blogs.
  • The way my boys kiss each other good night before they sleep.
  • That my hubsband is waiting awake for me in bed because he knows that it’s easier for me to sleep with him awake, by my side.

I hope your Monday has been filled with love, as has mine.
xx Natalie.

Much Love Monday: Beautiful Hubsband!

We celebrated my beautiful hubsband’s birthday on the weekend!

I LOVE birthdays!
I LOVE that they give me the opportunity to remember why I love somebody.
I LOVE that on birthdays I get to do special things for the people that I love.

Hubsband requested this cake, and I made it for him with so much love!

And we ATE it with lots of love, too!
It’s a strawberry ice-cream sandwich.
We smothered it in chocolate ganache. MMmmm… Yum!

I also made him this card!
I LOVE making cards 🙂

I’m so happy to be participating in Anna’s Much Love Monday today!
I LOVE that the warm fuzzies are still lingering from the weekend and I get to share them with you!

xx Natalie.

To see more of Much Love Monday, here’s a button for clicking…

Much Love Monday: Shiny, shiny, clean floors!

It’s Much Love Monday!

Today I am joining in with Anna from Much Love for Much Love Monday!

Bring me the wine of love
and my soul will open its wings.
~ Rumi.

There are soooo many things to love today.

* Quiet time – the boys took a nice, long, uninterrupted nap this afternoon. I just love the quiet house. When the boys nap really well I have time to eat, sit down for a bit… and then…. CLEAN! 🙂

* Shiny, shiny, clean floors! All through the house. I am in love! Having a clean house means I am less cranky. Which is good for the whole family.

* My bathroom – it’s also clean!

* ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ – Gotye (feat. Kimbra).
I can’t get this song out of my head today. I love singing it. And every time I see the film clip I become mesmerised. Have you seen it? I love watching the paint move.

* Eggplant! – believe it or not, I cooked eggplant for the first time this evening. Oh boy, it was delicious! I char-grilled it along with some zucchini & asparagus, garlic & olive oil. To eat, I topped it with crumbled feta, sliced red chilli and basil leaves. Delicious!

* Sukin Organics – Australian Natural Skincare Shampoo & Conditioner. I am in love, I am in love, I am in… LOVE! My hair is also in love. This shampoo & conditioner is making my hair feel & look alive. Even greater, it doesn’t make me sneeze or make my skin itchy. Ah – in love!

* A hot cup of tea – Gosh I love a good cup of tea! Russian Caravan is my current favourite. I’ve been drinking tea like it’s going out of fashion lately. I’m not sure why – but it is wonderful.

And finally for today (I could go on but we could be here all night),

* My hubsband and my boys – there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t love these three. Hubsband is just so supportive. And the boys are so, so loving. I’d never known love like having my own family. I am so fortunate.

Can’t WAIT for next Much Love Monday!
xx Natalie.


While the kids are away, Mama will play…

After 6 months of looking at my hair, wishing I could make it look good, hoping to get to the hairdresser, today I went, on my own, to get a hair cut. ON MY OWN! My heart hurt a little when I walked out of the house without my children. This is a sure sign of a mother who is not used to leaving the house in this fashion.

I found a place to cut my hair but had just under an hour to wait – not quite long enough to go home and come back so I decided to have a coffee and a biscuit. Hubsband sent a text to ask how I was enjoying my time. “It’s a bit strange!”, I told him. And then proceeded to explain that it was also nice to be able to sit down and drink a coffee without having to entertain and keep happy an active two year old.

It was time for my hair cut and I was still unsure what style to get… and how much to have cut off. Somehow I wanted my hair shorter and I wanted a funky change but I was so indecisive. Usually I know exactly what I want – today I didn’t! The hair dresser and I consulted a few magazines and I explained to her that I would like it shorter but I was concerned about making my face look too round and chubby (this has happened with me and short hair in the past). We decided to take it up to my shoulders to be on the safe side. We could always go shorter if we wanted…. and we DID go shorter!

“The longer I sit here the more I want to cut it all off!”, I told the hairdresser.

“Really?!”, she said. Somewhat surprised.


So we got the magazines out again and flipped through the pages. More indecision…. more indecision…. until….. Aha! We found it!

I was still concerned that my face might look too round, but somehow I trusted this hair dresser and I trusted that my instinct to cut it all off was perfect.

I’m not exactly sure why this was all so exciting. It felt a bit daring (hubsband has never seen me with hair this short). I suppose it was a case of ‘While the kids are away, Mama will play’. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, watching the hair get shorter and shorter, I began to like what I saw. It actually looked really good!

I was so happy walking home. I felt refreshed – not so much because my hair style was different but because I had been daring and got a lovely rush of a feeling just by following my gut to chop the lot!

To make the moment even sweeter, my boys were SO happy to see me when I got home (3 hours later) with the brightest, happiest smiles on their faces ! And I realized the best part of taking time for my self is the reunion of hearts when we all are home together again.

Oh, I love my boys. I love my family.