Waiting to know: the gender of our Jelly Bean!


I started to write this post yesterday, just a few hours before heading to our morphology scan. I came back today to discover it hadn’t saved properly and so here I am starting again, only this time I’m on the other side of the scan!

Yesterday’s post explained how I was excited and eager to find out the gender of our Jelly Baby, how I couldn’t wait the 40 weeks to know and how I just wanted to know now because I’m impatient and want to go out and choose names and buy itty bitty baby clothes (gender appropriate)! For me, there’s just something about knowing the gender already that helps me connect with the child during the pregnancy. It’s easier for me to begin to form a strong bond with the baby knowing whether that baby is a boy or a girl.

Of course, I know that a scan is not 100% accurate (I know of many would-be “girls” who have been born boys), and I keep that in mind through out the rest of the pregnancy…… but I’m not going to let it hold me back from buying a stack of girly, girly, girly things!!!

Oh, yeah, did I mention that yet?

She’s a GIRL!!

Woo hoo!

We are so excited to be giving a little sister to our already adorable 2 boys! We are thrilled!

I think I’m still in a bit of shock, though. After having two boys and always having to walk straight past those cutesy, cutesy baby girl clothes (which always seemed like a dream to me), I can now waltz in to a store and pick out the sweetest, girliest outfit imaginable. Oh, the JOY! 🙂 I’m dreaming of flowery, frilly skirts, pink ballet shoes and sparkly, feathery accessories and embellishments. Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming… Oh, the JOY!

I can’t believe I’m going to have a little baby girl to hold in my arms. I’m over the moon… and I wonder how it will change the dynamic of our family.

Time will tell. 21 weeks to go! Yay!
I can’t wait!

xx Natalie.


What to write when you have nothing to say?


I am plagued with this disease where I want to write on my blog but every time I go to do it I think I have nothing to say. It’s not enough to say what I did today, or what I’d like to do tomorrow. It’s not enough to say that I’m really content tonight. Or is it? Should I write about the cafe style raisin toast I just ate with a smashed banana on top? Probably not. That would be boring. But that’s my problem. To me, everything sounds boring. Who wants to hear about the awesome train track I built today? Probably nobody.

But if I have this attitude when I come to write something, isn’t that going to be felt through my words?
Most likely.

So what is it in me that tells me nobody will be interested in what I have to say? Or what I’ve been doing? Or where I’m going?

It’s me. It’s all me. And my built-in and annoying issues with how much I’m achieving…. or not.

The truth is, I’m achieving a lot. I have two children (two years and under) who I’m teaching and taking care of every day. I’ve just potty trained one and the littlest is learning to use his spoon! I’m also growing a third, which zaps most of my energy and, at almost 17 weeks, is still making me throw up every morning. I change nappies, entertain, clean, cook, feed, dance, play, teach children to sleep… each and every day. It is exhausting. And yet, to me, I’m still not achieving enough.

I guess it’s not enough to be a full-on, flat-out, busy mother. And I mean just a mother. Not a mother with a part time job or a mother who runs her own business or even a mother with a popular blog. In my head, those, are the ones who are achieving stuff because, lets face it, those are the ones we hear about on t.v., on the dvds they send us home with from the hospital after we’ve given birth; those are the ones people talk about.

Today I constructed a train track for my boys. I really enjoyed it. And so did they.
For me, today, that was a great achievement!
And so was the cooking and the cleaning, the getting everyone to sleep (or not) on time, the ability to go with the flow as my 2 and a half year old resisted his daily nap (that’s a story for another day) and the hypnobirthing session I managed to squeeze in.

Oh, and look! Here’s another one! I’m finally posting on my blog. Hurrah!

To all those mothers out there who are just mothers like me, I hope you have a wonderful week recognising all that you achieve every. single. day.

xx Natalie


The Beauty Of Teaching My Children To Sleep.

This week I am teaching my 14 month old son to put himself to sleep. It requires that I sit in his room, night after night, first by his cot and then closer and closer to the door until, nine nights later, I’m all the way out.

We used this technique with my older son and it changed our life. So I’m happy to be teaching my youngest baby boy the same. It means, amazingly, we will all eventually be going off to bed happily and sleeping through the night. It’s some sort of miracle technique.

And it’s given me an extra bonus this week! With thanks to my iPhone 4S and the WordPress application I can make good use of the time spent sitting by my son’s cot, blogging! Awesome!

And when I’m not blogging I see a real beauty in watching my baby fall asleep, so peaceful and content. I love seeing that my children are getting the rest they need to grow into spectacular human beings.

Here are my photos for Day 4 of the January Photo A Day challenge. I couldn’t pick just one (because I wasn’t entirely happy with either of them) so here are two!

Day 4 : Letterbox



xx Natalie.

One Adoring Mother

It’s Day 3 of the January Photo A Day Challenge with thanks to Fat Mum Slim!

When I thought about what I wanted to photograph for today’s theme, Something You Adore, I kept coming back to my children. At first I was reluctant to choose them as my subject for fear of being too obvious or cliche… Yet again and again I kept coming back to them. There is nothing in the world I adore more than my two boys (soon to be three. Boy or girl? I don’t know yet but it will be exciting when we find out!).

Yesterday I had a challenging day pregnancy wise. The morning sickness (which actually lasts all day) really kicked in. It was hard to eat, I was exhausted, nauseous – the whole lot. It continued today, not as intense as yesterday, but still enough to get me to question “Why am I doing this again?

Today’s Photo A Day theme helped remind me of the answer. I’m doing this again because I adore my children. There is no greater thing I have found in this world than giving and receiving love. And I have found a constant experience of that in my children.

So that’s why I’m doing this again. Adding to my brood of tiny beings of love.

xx Natalie.

Day 3 : Something I Adore


Much Love Monday: Hafiz


This past week I’ve come to realize the importance of giving and receiving love. Specifically between myself and my children. I am coming to understand just how blessed I am to know the love of a mother for her children. These days it seems everything else is just… nonsense.

xx Natalie.

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