I love you, Ditdee-Roo!

Last night was a shocker! The Poom Poom has been unable to sleep properly for the past few nights since he has been sick with a cold. And last night everything came to a head, leaving us with an extremely over tired almost-2 year old. My poor baby boy! He woke up repeatedly through the night, squealing at the top of his lungs. Needless to say we all did not get much sleep and I feel even worse for my husband who had to leave for work at 6am.

After the Poom Poom and Dindy-Roo had finally gone back to sleep (also at about 6am) I climbed back into bed myself and prayed I would get at least a couple of hours…

2 hours later I’m awoken by Ditdee’s little cries. Yes! I’ve scored an extra 2 hours of sleep and there hasn’t been a peep from Poom Poom yet…. But I’m still sooo sleepy!

And here is what I’m grateful for in all of this:

Little Ditdee and I made our way to the living room and, sleepily, I switched on the tv.
“Do you want to watch Bubble Guppies?” I asked.
Ditdee smiled sweetly. I thought maybe if he was happy watching the Bubble Guppies that I could collapse on my comfy couch and rest my eyes a little longer. I put him in his jumperoo, turned him towards the tv and set myself up on the couch. I didn’t actually fall asleep (always have trouble sleeping during the day, once I am too awake) but I did manage to just relax for about 40 minutes until I heard Poom Poom call out to me.

I’m so grateful for that 40 minutes of rest.
So grateful for the Bubble Guppies (Ditdee’s favorite. He’s just delighted by them!).
So grateful for the jumperoo to keep Ditdee safely in one place for a while.
And mostly, I’m ever so grateful for Little Ditdee who has the sweetest, most loving and contented nature. Who is happy to sit quietly and watch the Bubble Guppies while his Mummy has a rest. He fills me with love and I am so grateful for his presence in our family.

So thankyou, Ditdee, for filling my life with love.