Photo-A-Daying: March 11 – 20

Here’s the next installment of my photos from Photo A Day for March!

I don’t always have time to really think about the photo I’m going to take. I usually have it in the back of my mind all day and then just before the light fades, or I fade and go to bed, I quickly find something to photograph.

Day 11: Someone I Talked To Today


Day 12: Fork


Day 13: A Sign


Day 14: Clouds


Day 15: Car


Day 16: Sunglasses


Day 17: Green


Day 18: A Corner Of My Home


Day 19: Funny


Day 20: Before/After


Well, that’s it….
For now 🙂
More to come!

xx Natalie

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The Beauty Of Teaching My Children To Sleep.

This week I am teaching my 14 month old son to put himself to sleep. It requires that I sit in his room, night after night, first by his cot and then closer and closer to the door until, nine nights later, I’m all the way out.

We used this technique with my older son and it changed our life. So I’m happy to be teaching my youngest baby boy the same. It means, amazingly, we will all eventually be going off to bed happily and sleeping through the night. It’s some sort of miracle technique.

And it’s given me an extra bonus this week! With thanks to my iPhone 4S and the WordPress application I can make good use of the time spent sitting by my son’s cot, blogging! Awesome!

And when I’m not blogging I see a real beauty in watching my baby fall asleep, so peaceful and content. I love seeing that my children are getting the rest they need to grow into spectacular human beings.

Here are my photos for Day 4 of the January Photo A Day challenge. I couldn’t pick just one (because I wasn’t entirely happy with either of them) so here are two!

Day 4 : Letterbox



xx Natalie.