Photo Time!


10 Days of Photo Challenges

It has been a full on ten days since the last time I posted. The morning sickness accompanying this pregnancy is really taking it out of me.

I have been keeping up with my Photo A Day challenge. It has been interesting. I thought having a theme each day would somehow make my photos a little more exciting. I’m realizing that’s not necessarily the case. It can be somehow limiting. And there’s the challenge, isn’t it? How to make the theme interesting! Well, I’m trying, despite feeling constantly sick.

Here are the images from the past ten days:

Day 7 : Favourite ~ my favourite month of the year


Day 8 : My Sky


Day 9 : Daily Routine ~ rolling over to switch off the lamp before sleep


Day 10 : Childhood ~ I used to practice the lift with my brother


Day 11 : Where I Sleep


Day 12: Close Up ~ Peace Lily


Day 13 : In My Bag ~ King Cryolophosaurus is guarding my keys


Day 14 : Something I’m Reading


Day 15 : Happiness ~ watching Despicable Me with the boys who giggle all the way through


Day 16 : Morning ~ rain on flowers


All my photos during the challenge are taken with my iPhone 4S and the instagram application. If you’re an instagrammer like me, you can find me under the username njcardenas.

Have a lovely week!
xx Natalie.

A New Year, A Fresh Start.

Happy New Year and all that jazz!

I’ve decided to begin 2012 by participating in a Photo A Day Challenge for January. I found this one on Fat Mum Slim and thought it looked fun! I love taking photos (3rd in line after singing and acting) and this will give me the oomph I need into blogging on this here bloggy-blog this year.

I realize too that this blog will be shifting this year. The content will be slightly different. I hope to include more posts about my family and what I’m learning, and also some posts on my music. Yes, folks, get ready for my music in 2012!

Here are my photos from Days 1 & 2 of the January Photo A Day challenge. I am suffering from morning sickness at the moment. You know, the kind that lasts all day? Yeah. That. My photos will reflect that, no doubt.

Day 1 : Me


Day 2 : Breakfast


Have a fabulous 2012!
xx Natalie.