A great big bundle of love.

The Poom Poom, Dindy and I went to the supermarket the other day. We piled into the Baby Jogger City Select the way we usually do – except today Dindy was up top and Poom Poom down below. Actually, I usually don’t pile myself into the pram, I pile the boys in. I just attach myself to the end in order to push!

So we bought our fresh herbs, orange juice, tissues etc. and exited the supermarket where I busily stopped and started stuffing the shopping bags into the basket in the bottom of the pram when a lady came by pushing a man in a wheel chair. She stopped at the pram and said to the man,

“Oh, look! What a big bundle of love!”

I looked up.

“Aren’t they just beautiful?” she said to me.

“Yes!” I replied.

You just have a great, big bundle of love there! A great, BIG bundle of love!”

I looked at the lady, smiling broadly and said

“I sure do!”

(Then I promptly took out my iPhone to take pictures!)

My great, big bundle of love!

Dindy Love!

Poom Poom Love!

More Poom Poom Love!

More Dindy Love!

xx Natalie.