Fridge Art

We have a small whiteboard and marker on our fridge for writing down various handy things or for just plain old doodling. Today, I wanted to write something down but there was hardly any space left and it suddenly occurred to me that I could just write ALL OVER MY FRIDGE with my whiteboard marker (dry-erase marker)!! This was very exciting for me.

‘Have people never thought of this before?’, I wondered.
Surely they must have. I mean, it’s so much fun and so practical. I couldn’t be the only one who has discovered fridge art (in fact, I’m probably the second last person – the last being my son – to have discovered it). I think I will give it a quick google to see….

Yep! Some people already discovered drawing on the fridge with a whiteboard marker. Less than I was expecting, however.

So here’s how fridge art looked in our house this afternoon:

Hard at work... with his baby assistant in the wings.

Concentrating on the detail...

Nice marker work!

Proud Artist.

Ditdee & I watching the masterpiece unfold.

A close-up of the detail.

Can’t wait to discover other places to use my whiteboard markers!
xx Natalie.